Changing careers with confidence

If you are contemplating changing careers or in need of a change in direction, Lynley can help you make a smooth transition to starting a new chapter in your working life.

You may have something in mind already, or you might just be over what you are currently doing and looking for some inspiration about what the next career will be. Either way, it helps to have an experienced professional to talk to about your different options and point you in the right direction.

That’s where Lynley comes in; providing clarity about what’s important to you and what you are looking for in the next stage of your working life so that you can move forward with confidence.

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Transferrable skills for making a career change

Transferrable skills help form part of the foundation for any career change. You might be surprised how many options are open to you from your existing skillset and experience.

There are always some transferable skills or cross-creditable qualifications that are highly valued.

It may be possible for you to study part time while you work or find an employer who will invest in your professional development in order to secure you, based on the advantage your additional skills and experience bring to their organisation.

Ready to make a career change?

How I can help you with changing careers?

Lynley Soper can help you plan and navigate changing careers successfully in a number of ways.

Identifying the why

Lets start with looking at why you are dissatisfied with your current role.

You may feel you are undervalued or not able to realise your potential, not making a difference or no longer being challenged – it’s like you’re going nowhere fast.

Hitting a dead end is what triggers a change in career for many, but it is not the only reason people look for a change. Sometimes, despite there being opportunities to progress, you look at those already ahead of you and you know that’s not where you want to be.

Aligning the work you do with your values

Often people find that their outlook changes as they go through transitions in life.

What’s important or motivates us evolves and we find our values are no longer in sync with the work we do – maybe they never were and we didn’t realise it.

By identifying your values, you are able to look at what gives you meaning, anchoring this to your values and connecting you with the roles that are likely to provide that meaning.

The pathway to new ground for your untapped potential to grow

With a clear picture of what your new career goal looks like, together we can create, design and develop a new pathway to get you there, providing 1-1 guidance that allows you to figure out your next step.

From there Lynley works collaboratively with you in formulating a structured plan for you to follow.

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