I hate my job – what do I do?

I hear this phrase a lot through my career coaching work; “I hate my job”. 

If you feel this way, then it is probably time to look at what you can do to change this. You are in work for a large portion of your life – if you aren’t fully engaged and motivated by what you do then it can have a huge negative impact on your home life and your personal wellbeing.

I can help you figure out if you are still on the right track and just need some guidance or if a more significant change is needed.

I hate my job - Career reviews and coaching with Lynley Soper

So how do I know if I am on the right track or need a career change?

Lynley Soper Careers offers two different levels of support for clients who are unhappy or dissatisfied in their current role, designed by Lynley to meet the different needs of people in a way that fits the individual.

Career Review

A detailed look at the reasons why you are feeling dissatisfied in your current role; whether you dislike the work you do day-to-day, or there are other factors that influence how you feel about your work.

If you like the work and pinpoint other issues as the problem, Lynley will help you explore how to focus on what you can do to resolve these problems before you make any big decisions. 

Career Coaching

Involves Lynley working with you to come up with a solution, and a viable strategy to get you there.

This is a tailored service that ranges from a simple 1-1 strategy session to building a comprehensive career plan, and it can include ongoing support at key stages if needed.

How can a career review help if you hate your job?

A career review helps you to focus on what is really making you unhappy and could save you from making a rash decision that impacts on your future prospects.

You could be in the right job, but the environment is wrong, or you are in the right place but in the wrong role. Knowing where the problem lies will determine what needs to change. With professional career advice to help you identify your why, you will have a better chance of determining the appropriate course of action and make smarter choices.

Six common reasons for being unhappy at work

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  • You feel stuck
  • You are feeling unappreciated
  • You don’t belong or feel happy in your workplace
  • You feel overworked
  • You are bored
  • You struggle getting on with your boss

Career coaching to plan your next move

Career coaching is a great way to figure out how to change your situation to one where you are happy once more in your work. Lynley has worked with people at all stages of their careers to help them create a long-term plan to retrain or restructure their portfolio for a new career.

Sometimes a 1-1 career coaching session is all you need to figure out your next move. For a major shift in direction, you may need a more comprehensive career plan and ongoing support over a longer timeframe.

A simple strategy call with Lynley Soper will give you some clarity as to what type of support you need moving forward.

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