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Lynley has built a strong business around her desire to offer young people help choosing a career and providing practical career change advice for people at any age or stage of working life.

From 2017 Lynley has also provided career support to tertiary students as a career adviser in the University of Otago’s Career Development Centre. 

Lynley holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Development from AUT University, and a degree in Business Studies (Massey University).  She is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) and holds a diploma in Professional Coaching.

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Lynley set up Lynley Soper Careers in 2010 to offer tailored career advice in Otago and Southland, including specialised early career planning with students and young adults. 

Lynley comes from a farming background and has lived and worked in rural communities for many years, particularly in the Agriculture, Tourism and Social Sectors. This has helped her gain insights to a diverse range of career and life pathways from New Zealand’s primary industry through to science and tech, from social and people-based careers to those involving creative and artistic pursuits.

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Lynley Soper on the rewards giving career change advice 

“I enjoy operating as an independent  career development practitioner and coach, applying my passion for helping people create opportunities to do work they love” says Lynley. 

“I thrive on supporting my clients to learn to ‘captain their own ship’, acquiring the qualifications, experience, networks and career management skills necessary to successfully create opportunities for real meaning in their work and life.

“Professional development and personal growth go hand in hand in shaping us as individuals. It is our experiences as much as the qualifications we attain that help us grow into more rounded individuals and better versions of ourselves.”

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