How to choose your career – start with the difference you want to make in the world!

How to choose your career – where do you even start? When it comes to choosing your career, figuring out what you know about yourself and the difference you want to make in the world is a great place to begin. You’ve got to know this first to create a clear picture of what your first career might look like. From there you can start working on a plan for acquiring the different pieces to the puzzle to put it all together.

Lynley Soper is experienced in career development, particularly with students and young people just starting out. She has worked with secondary students and those in further education for over 10 years and can help you figure out which direction to take.

When is the right time to seek help choosing your career?

 As a student you are already making early career decisions that will have an impact on your future working life, in the subjects you choose and extra-curricular activities you get involved in. 

You may already have ideas or will be starting to imagine your career journey. Whether it’s further education, vocational training or some practical work experience to set you on the right path to what you want to do, there is no ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ to begin building a roadmap that takes you through all the understanding, knowledge and skills to help get you there.

YEAR 10-11


Natural talents/strengths

Opening up ideas for exploration


Refining ideas

Further exploration

Trying things out

Building life skills



Finalising ideas

Making decisions

Road map to success

Ready to build your career roadmap?  

How to choose your career if you don’t know what you want to do

Not everyone has a clear idea of the career path they want to take.

if you are unsure where best to take your interests further or are still figuring out what you are good at, it’s worthwhile working with a career professional early on so you don’t put your energy into something that doesn’t really interest you.

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